Qualys announces a cloud-based remote endpoint protection solution

Qualys, Inc. today announced a cloud-based remote endpoint protection solution at no charge to its customers for 60 days that allows IT and security teams to protect the computers of remote employees.

To enable this free 60-day solution visit, www.qualys.com/remotepatching/. It will initially be available for Qualys customers. Delivery to others will be prioritized based on their signup date.

The Qualys remote endpoint security solution allows security teams to leverage the lightweight Qualys Cloud Agent to:

• Complete an up-to-date inventory of all their remote endpoint hardware and the applications they are running
• Gain a real-time view of all critical vulnerabilities impacting the operating system and applications posing a risk to these devices
• Remotely patch these systems within hours from the cloud with one click of a mouse without using the limited bandwidth available on VPN gateways
• Realize visibility in device hygiene by tracking common misconfigurations that leave the endpoints exposed to exploits

In summary, the free Cloud-based Qualys Remote Protection solution allows security teams to gain instant and continuous visibility of remote computers, easily see missing patches for critical vulnerabilities and deploy them from the cloud. The patches are delivered securely and directly from vendors’ websites and content delivery networks to ensure there is little to no impact on external VPN bandwidth.

If you are a Qualys customer who already has the Qualys Cloud Agent, these systems can be easily enabled to deploy patches via the Qualys Cloud Platform, without the need to touch the client systems. Alternatively, a lightweight Qualys agent is deployed to the remote computers.

“The entire Qualys team is pleased that during these critical times, we can offer a real solution that will allow companies to ensure the security of both corporate and personal computers,” said Philippe Courtot, chairman and CEO of Qualys. “Thanks to our cloud-based implementation, this offer will enable companies to assess in real-time their security and compliance posture and remotely patch employees’ devices with the click of a button.”

Important Note:
The initial version supports patching on Microsoft Windows 7 and above. Patching for Macs as well as the addition of Malware detection and protection will be available soon.