Shifra and Stormshield join hands to fortify Middle east’s cybersecurity

Shifra has partnered up with Stormshield to offer the vendor’s suite of network, endpoint and data security solutions to the region’s enterprises. This partnership will strengthen Stormshield’s distribution network in the Middle East while augmenting Shifra’s solution portfolio.

“The alarming escalation of cyber-attacks in the region in the last few years is a growing cause for concern. Businesses in the Middle East cannot afford to be unprepared. Cyber risk needs to be managed in a structured manner. Cybersecurity is an end-to-end challenge and needs an end-to-end, multi-dimensional response,” noted Mohammad Ismail, Managing Partner at Shifra.

According to a recent report, the cybersecurity market was valued at over USD 6 billion in 2018 and is expected to grow at a compound annual growth rate of nearly 15% in the MENA region over the next five years. The rapid digitization in countries such as Saudi Arabia and the UAE has triggered a rise in the number of connected devices, opening new gateways for cyber-attacks.

“Stormshield’s product range offers smart, connected solutions that anticipate attacks and protect digital infrastructures. The solutions are designed to raise the security level of IT, OT and cloud environments, regardless of the attack point. We believe these solutions will meet the growing need in the region for a multilayer security approach,” explained Ismail.

“The Middle East is experiencing a surge in the demand for capable, efficient OT and IT cybersecurity. We are continuously investing in expanding our business footprint in the region and this partnership will allow us to strengthen our distribution network. Shifra has the capacity to help us achieve higher growth in the region,” said Nebras AlQurashi, Regional Manager at Stormshield for the META region.