FireEye unveils FireEye Mandiant Threat Intelligence Suite

FireEye today announced the availability of FireEye Mandiant Threat Intelligence Suite comprised of curated threat intelligence subscriptions and services. Available via incremental tiers, these bundled offerings from the Intelligence portfolio make it easy for organizations to select the option that best fits their needs as they look to adopt an intel-led security approach.

“For over 15 years, FireEye Threat Intelligence has been informing our customers’ security program strategy, increasing operational efficiency, and prioritizing and accelerating their response to security incidents,” said Sandra Joyce, Senior Vice President, Global Intelligence at FireEye.

Joyce continued, “Our new Threat Intelligence Suite provides incremental tiers of bundled offerings designed to meet and grow with organizations’ evolving intelligence needs. Whether security is someone’s part-time job, or organizations have a dedicated threat intelligence team in place, our Intelligence Suite provides industry-leading subscription and service offerings that provide organizations with a significant decision advantage to help reduce security risk.”

Cyber attackers are often better trained, better funded and better organized than many security organizations. Cyber-attacks are increasingly more complex and the damage more severe. For these reasons, organizations are looking to reduce their risk and augment their security with external threat intelligence services. However, many organizations don’t know where to start, while others have jumped right in without understanding what threat intelligence they need or how it should be used. The results are generally ineffective and costly. This is where the new Mandiant Threat Intelligence Suite comes in.

The Mandiant Threat Intelligence Suite is available in Standard, Advanced and Enterprise tiered bundles. For more information on these industry-leading configurations as well as à la carte offerings from the Mandiant Threat Intelligence portfolio, visit