Tenable unveils robust cloud workload security solutions

Tenable announced the availability of a new, integrated offering to secure cloud workloads with Tenable.io and Golden Amazon Machine Images (AMIs) pipeline. This collaboration represents a critical step in ensuring that organizations of all sizes can build cybersecurity best practices directly into their cloud migration strategies.

The Golden AMI pipeline provides users with an efficient way to mature their cloud strategies with standardized and consistent processes for validating the software configuration, hardening and security posture of machine images. Tenable.io assesses AMIs for vulnerabilities and exposures which are then deemed “golden,” validating that they are verified and secured images which can be pushed to production and re-used by teams across the enterprise, ultimately helping customers by increasing the speed and security of development cycles. Also, by using the existing AWS connector for Tenable.io, customers can automatically and continuously discover and track production assets to ensure all instances are known and assessed for exposures with every change.

Customers can also leverage Tenable’s Professional Services offering to optimize and streamline the creation and deployment of Golden AMIs. This ensures the process, from scripting to assessments, is fully, properly and quickly spun up in the cloud by Tenable security experts.

“As a cloud-first company, we understand both the business benefits of operating in the cloud and the importance of building a solid cybersecurity foundation,” said Renaud Deraison, co-founder and chief technology officer, Tenable. “AWS customers can now leverage Tenable.io, the number one SaaS platform in the industry for vulnerability and security configuration, to ensure their cloud instances are secure and ready to be deployed, ultimately reducing their cyber risk across dynamic cloud environments.”

AWS customers can benefit from Tenable.io’s industry-leading vulnerability and security configuration coverage. A recent report by Principled Technologies, which tested Tenable.io, Rapid7 InsightVM and Qualys Cloud Platform, found that Tenable.io covers up to 22 per cent more Common Vulnerabilities and Exposures (CVEs) and up to nearly three times as many security configurations based on the Center for Internet Security (CIS) benchmarks as compared to comparable tools.

Tenable.io is available for purchase on AWS Marketplace.