Cloud transformation gaining momentum finds Veritas

Enterprise customers are accelerating their cloud transformation initiatives revealed Veritas Technology’s Truth in Cloud Report. Veritas has seen a four-fold increase in the amount of data moving from on-premises environments to the two leading public clouds. This is in addition to a dramatic increase in the number of NetBackup workloads that have moved to the cloud in that same time frame.

As the dependence on cloud increases, organizations also need to focus more on better data management strategies. The results of the company’s latest Truth in Cloud Report—a recent survey commissioned by Veritas on the challenges of cloud data management, reiterate the industry’s shift toward the cloud. The research found 47 per cent of respondents characterize their company’s current infrastructure state as an even split between the public cloud and the data centre. However, more than 70 per cent indicate their desired end state is to run most or all of their applications on public cloud infrastructure.

Nearly 70 per cent have allocated budget to purchase new solutions to address cloud data protection in the next 12 months, and a majority expect their budget for backup and recovery to increase substantially over the next three years. However, where respondents had responsibility for both on-premises and cloud-based workloads, almost half opted for a single backup solution.

While organizations are choosing the cloud for a variety of deployments, three use cases demonstrate the most common cloud strategies being employed by Veritas customers today: Cloud as a storage target, Data protection in the cloud for cloud-based application workloads and Cloud as an on-demand data centre for disaster recovery.