StorageCraft highlights Data management and fortifying IT Infrastructure

StorageCraft has reported growing concerns in data management among organizations across the world. Its study also revealed that the IT infrastructures of many organizations are struggling, often failing, to deliver business continuity in the event of severe data outages. Experts from StorageCraft will, therefore, highlight economically viable solutions to better protect and manage data at a three-day roadshow in Dubai, Sharjah and Fujairah later this week.

Florian Malecki, Senior Director of International Product Marketing at StorageCraft Technology

“Contemporary IT infrastructures need a scalable data protection system that can ensure the safety and accessibility of data in the event of an outage,” commented Florian Malecki, Senior Director of International Product Marketing at StorageCraft Technology.

86% of the research survey’s respondents believe that the volume of data will rise by ten times or more in the next five years. Meanwhile, 80% of the survey’s respondents expressed concern regarding the impact this growth might have on their businesses and the risks it might pose to their organizations. The research reveals added concerns relating to improper management of data growth: 64% expect an increase in operational costs, 47% foresee an inability to recover quickly enough in the event of a data outage and 39% anticipate they will be more susceptible to security risks.

“As the Middle East, and the UAE in particular, goes through a period of heavy digitization, the increasingly distributed nature of data and the massive growth of unstructured data are creating storage challenges for organizations. Meanwhile, businesses also become vulnerable to the risks associated with inadequate management of data. The focus is now on securely and reliably backing up and restoring vast amounts of data, which is one of the many subjects we will address at our upcoming roadshow,” added Malecki.