Juniper issued “Recommended” rating by NSS Labs

Juniper Networks today announced that it has received a “Recommended” rating in the 2019 Data Center Security Gateway (DCSG) Test Report conducted by NSS Labs. Juniper’s SRX5400 with one SPC3 card, running AppSec and IDP, was assessed by NSS Labs on security effectiveness, performance, stability, reliability and Total Cost of Ownership (TCO).

“Juniper is back,” is the first bullet point listed by NSS Labs under “Key Takeaways” within the 2019 DCSG Security Value Map Comparative Report. Notable results from the report include Juniper’s scores of 100% on evasion block rate, 99.62% on exploit block rate and a demonstrated average secured throughput of 13.962 gigabits per second.

Juniper believes its ratings in security, performance and TCO as tested by NSS Labs demonstrate the effectiveness of the SRX Series Security Gateway in protecting the data centre.

“We believe the results of NSS Labs’ report underscore our commitment to offering the best in data centre security. This positive validation of our threat prevention capabilities reinforces what our customers already know – that Juniper’s firewalls are among the most effective available on the market today.” said Samantha Madrid, VP of Security Business and Strategy, Juniper Networks.

“NSS Labs is pleased to deliver a ‘Recommended’ rating to Juniper Networks for its performance in the 2019 DCSG test. After rigorous, independent evaluation, test results indicate the SRX5400 is an excellent data centre security gateway offering.” said Jason Brvenik, CEO, NSS Labs, Inc.