ISnSC launches digital legal notarization service

ISnSC R&D FZ LLC announced the launch of a global Legal Notarization service based on Real Seal. Real Seal is a patented technology by ISnSC. The new service will enable governments, banks and other entities to digitally issue Official Documents that can be printed by customers.

Based on patented technology, “Real Seal”, the Real Notary service will be offered as a cloud service to any interested party. The Real Notary service will allow machine to machine validation without the need of Human intervention, Internet or any other kind of integration. The Real Notary service will allow the customers to print their own documents if needed and present it securely in a physical form (Printed Paper).

“Government are moving towards Paper-Less environment which focuses on process from customer to government” says Sherif Hazzaa, Managing Director of ISnSC R&D FZ LLC. “But the need for certain government issued documents will still remain. And this is where our Real Seal/Notary comes in use”

Most entities are moving to digital environment under initiatives such as Digital Transformation and Paper-Less, yet there is a struggle with certain required physical touch points that can’t be resolved using conventional digital signature solutions. There is also the technical challenge of different maturity levels among countries, which affects the process within a certain country.

The Real Seal itself can be used as well on Government Issued documents to prevent Forgery and Counterfeiting. Documents such as Passports, Driving Licenses and National IDs can be printed at much lower cost while being immune to forgery using “Real Seal” patented solution.