NordVPN lists out measure to enhances its security

Last week, it was announced that 1 of more than 5000 NordVPN’s servers was accessed by an unauthorized third party. In a statement, NordVPN said the hacker managed to access this single server located in Finland because of mistakes made by the data center owner, of which it was not aware.

NoedVPN is now taking action to enhance its security. One of the first moves is a long-term strategic partnership with VerSprite, one of the leading cybersecurity consulting firms.

The partnership will include threat and vulnerability management, penetration testing, compliance management and assessment services. VerSprite will also help to form an independent cybersecurity advisory committee, which will consist of selected experts and oversee NordVPN’s security practices.

“We are planning to use not only our own knowledge, but to also take advice from the best cybersecurity experts and implement the best cybersecurity practices there are,” says Laura Tyrell, Head of Public Relations at NordVPN. “And this is the first of many steps we are going to take in order to bring the security of our service to a whole new level.”

The company claims to have taken action in five different fields to become more secure than ever that includes forging partnership with VerSprite and over the next few weeks, NordVPN is going to introduce a bug bounty program as well as intends to run complete a full-scale third-party independent security audit in 2020.

NordVPN is planning to build a network of collocated servers and is committed to ensuring that their exclusively owned data centers maintain the highest security standards. The company also will upgrade its entire infrastructure (currently featuring over 5100 servers) to RAM servers.

“The changes we’ve outlined will make you significantly safer every time you use our service. Every part of NordVPN will become faster, stronger, and more secure – from our infrastructure and code to our teams and our partners,” says Laura. “That’s our promise – we owe it to you.”