KuppingerCole Analysts names ESET as the top performer

ESET, announced that it has been declared as a top performer in the KuppingerCole ESET Executive View report. The report analysed ESET Endpoint Security and outlines the strengths and robust anti-malware capabilities of the software.

KuppingerCole Analysts is an international and independent analyst organization that supports companies, corporate users, integrators and software manufacturers in meeting both tactical and strategic challenges. It offers vendor-neutral advice, and its reports are based on its analysts’ thought-leading knowledge and expertise.

The report evaluates the key features and strengths of ESET Endpoint Security, such as ESET’s Network Attack Protection and anti-stealth technology and ESET’s ability to detect and prevent file-less malware using the Advanced Memory Scanner. Viruses and malware are constantly advancing in sophistication, and ESET’s cutting-edge features work to protect users from any possible threat. ESET’s global support network is intrinsic to its solutions, and the report highlights the value of ESET Threat Intelligence in providing additional detailed security analysis and threat research.

KuppingerCole cites ESET’s rare technical capability of being able to scan the Unified Extensible Firmware Interface (UEFI) and, as result, its status as the first vendor to catch the LoJax UEFI rootkit in the wild in 2017 – further emphasising ESET as a key player and pioneer in advanced cybersecurity solutions.

The report labels ESET Endpoint Security as a ‘feature-rich solution’ and acknowledges ESET’s strong history of providing advanced interception and execution techniques, having been actively using machine learning in its offerings since 1998. Other strengths outlined in the report include ESET’s support for a wide range of operating systems, its consistently strong results in independent testing, and the implementation of advanced algorithms to detect malicious behaviour in code.

Ignacio Sbampato, Chief Business Officer at ESET commented “At ESET, we pride ourselves on providing cutting-edge security solutions for businesses, and this certification is a reflection of that. We are extremely proud to be continually recognised by thought-leading, expert analysts for our advanced software solutions. The digital threat landscape is constantly evolving and adapting, and it is imperative that organisations and their systems are adequately protected. Reports such as the KuppingerCole Executive View are vital in holding us accountable to the high standards we set for our solutions and our dedication to keeping enterprises and their data safe and secure around the world.”