Spire Solutions and Fidelis Cybersecurity to provide network security and data loss prevention

Spire Solutions has signed a distribution agreement with Fidelis Cybersecurity to address customer challenges related to network security and data loss prevention. Fidelis has one of the most fully featured network DLP products in the enterprise DLP market and operates at speeds of 20 Gbps and above. The strength of this product is its wide range of deployment and throughput options, as well as port and protocol independence, and no reliance on a proxy architecture.

“Ensuring effective network visibility is a crucial defensive strategy to protect against today’s cyberthreats. Through the partnership with Fidelis Cybersecurity we will help local organizations discover, profile and classify network terrain as well as gain insight into threats hidden in encrypted traffic,” commented Sapan Agarwal, Deputy VP – Product Management, at Spire Solutions.

“Cyber attackers will exploit the slightest IT infrastructure weakness to fulfill an activist, financial, or nation-state objective. Our platform enables security personnel to identify suspicious or malicious activity in near real-time and take appropriate action before calamity occurs. We are excited about this strategic alignment with Spire Solutions to continue our rapid growth in the Middle East,” said Eddie DeWolf, VP Global Channels and Alliances at Fidelis Cybersecurity.