Tenable unveils new innovations for cyber exposure analytics

Tenable, the Cyber Exposure company, today unveiled new innovations to its Cyber Exposure analytics capabilities in Tenable Lumin™. These innovations leverage machine learning to automatically correlate vulnerability and threat data together with asset criticality in a single platform. For the first time, organizations can accurately score, trend and benchmark their cyber exposure based on the likelihood the exposure will be exploited and the business criticality of the impacted assets. This will enable organizations to evolve from a technology – to a risk-based approach to prioritize remediation, communicate to the business and make data-driven decisions to reduce cyber risk.

Tenable has unveiled the following innovations for Cyber Exposure analytics via Tenable Lumin:

Cyber Exposure Score: The Cyber Exposure score is an objective measure of cyber risk, derived through data science-based measurement of vulnerability data together with threat intelligence and asset criticality. The score is automatically generated through machine learning algorithms which combine the Tenable Vulnerability Priority Rating (VPR), for the likelihood of exploitability, with the Tenable Asset Criticality Rating (ACR), for the business criticality of the impacted asset. Organizations can also leverage scoring to trend improvement over time as a measure of security program effectiveness.

Cyber Exposure Benchmarking: Organizations can use the Cyber Exposure score to benchmark themselves against industry peers and measure their overall cyber risk posture. Tenable has the industry’s most extensive vulnerability intelligence, processing over 1.5 billion instances of vulnerabilities per week, which is coupled with data science to create its benchmarking knowledge base. Organizations can also drill down to benchmark internal groups against each other by business unit or geography, for example.

Remediation Guidance Workflow: Security teams will receive a list of the top recommended remediation actions to reduce the organization’s cyber exposure. For additional information, teams can drill down into specific vulnerabilities or assets for business and technical context to enable more effective remediation.

“As Cyber Exposure continues to rise in strategic importance, the fundamental question facing organizations is ‘how secure are we?’ These innovations fill a huge void in the industry by enabling organizations to apply business impact and risk data to answer this question with confidence,” said Ofer Ben-David, chief product officer at Tenable. “Extending our deep expertise in vulnerabilities to create an objective measure of cyber risk will help transform how cyber-related technology and business decisions are made.”

Tenable unveiled these innovations today at Edge 2019, its annual user conference. They will be available to customers starting in Q3 2019 as part of the Tenable Lumin beta. Tenable Lumin will be generally available in the second half of 2019.