Bulwark and TrapX offers cyber deception technology to the region

Bulwark Technologies recently announced its new partnership with leading cyber deception technology provider, TrapX Security that will enable the distributor to take the fight against cyber-attacks to the next level.

Protecting networks against a multitude of attacks including malicious insiders and sophisticated cybercriminals, DeceptionGrid, named the Best Deception Technology of 2018, lays decoys and lures attackers away from the network / cloud and into a contained environment.

“We’re delighted to have cemented our partnership with TrapX Security,” said Jose Thomas Menacherry, Managing Director at Bulwark Technologies. “TrapX, as the market leader in deception technology takes cyber security to the next level. Their intelligent approach to combatting advanced cyber-attacks leads way to the next generation of cyber defense strategies for businesses and we look forward to introducing this technology to our customers and delivering this solution to the Middle East & Indian markets.”

Bulwark, currently celebrating two decades of operations in the ME region, is a value-added distributor for IT security solutions & services and best of breed security solutions enabling customers to protect their infrastructures, assets, data and users against current and emerging threats.

“It’s our pleasure to announce that TrapX Security can now be delivered by Bulwark,” said Ori Bach, GM & VP of Products at TrapX Security. “Known for their strength and longevity within the security industry, Bulwark brings to the table a wealth of technical expertise and a strong understanding of the challenges facing Middle Eastern & Indian businesses today. This coupled with our intuitive deception technology paves the way for a more secure future for our clients.”