Airbnb users say accounts hacked; new bookings made, charged exorbitantly

AIRBNB users have complained that their accounts have been “hacked,” with holidays booked in their name costing thousands of pounds. Others say genuine reservations have been cancelled leaving them nowhere to stay. Some users even say they had their accounts deleted.

An Airbnb user tweeted that his account was hacked and booking of £487 was made using his card details.

“Warning! Last night my @Airbnb account was HACKED and a booking of £487 was made using my card details. I am going to Venice in two weeks. Now I have nowhere to stay and still have no confirmation I will get my money back, despite two phone calls with them today @AirbnbHelp,” he tweeted.

Another user tweeted that “my @airbnb_uk account was hacked last night. all my reservations for in 2 weeks’ time cancelled. Someone tried to book several holidays in my name + then it looks like they panicked and deleted my account. what the f*** am i meant to do???? @Airbnb.”

Meanwhile, a user also tweeted that he got a refund of £14,729.48 from Airbnb within 24 hours, after several phone calls.

According to The Sun, AirBNB has not responded yet, and it’s not clear whether this is just AirBNB in the UK or if there might be a global issue or data security problem.