Mimecast to unveil its new Threat Intelligence capabilities at GISEC

Mimecast will introduce it’s newly unveiled Threat Centre, with a presentation from the Mimecast’s Senior Vice President and Chief Trust Officer, Marc French. The Threat Centre is a group of hands-on, cybersecurity experts focused on providing threat intelligence that helps organisations convert threat information into value for the business.

The Threat Centre is engineered to combine email, and web data to offer actionable threat insights to security professionals helping to manage today’s evolving advanced threats. This adds to Mimecast’s robust suite of cyber resilience capabilities, including advanced security, continuity, archiving, web security and awareness training solutions.

At GISEC, French will introduce attendees to new research from the Threat Centre and explain why actionable threat intelligence is critical to any organisation’s cyber resilience strategy. His presentation titled Cofounded by Noise – Converting Threat Intelligence into Cyber Resilience takes place on 2nd April 2019 at 12:20 on the main stage at GISEC.

Mimecast blocks more than one billion unwanted emails every working day – these include spam, phishing, directory harvest attacks, and malware emails ranging from nuisance to extremely dangerous emails, offering the team a unique view of threat landscape from email-based attacks. The threat intelligence that the team provides is gleaned from the analysis of billions of anonymised emails and web traffic across global data grids, which provides insights on targeted attacks and other malware embedded in documents and URLs. This information is shared to inform organisations and the cybersecurity ecosystem on emerging tactics, techniques and procedures.

“Analysis generated from anonymised user behaviour, enterprise security posture and targeted attacks helps allow organisations to better inform their business and risk strategies while increasing the efficacy of Mimecast’s detection technology,” says French.

“Threat intelligence helps the security teams of our customers take contextual action to respond quickly to cyber threats and ensure user behaviour training and policy changes are focused on high risk employees. With email being a top vector, this is an issue worth flagging, as it highlights how a quarter of respondents aren’t able to maximise the insight threat intelligence provided to make it fully actionable.”