Kaspersky Lab maintains its place at the top of the TOP3

Kaspersky Lab has maintained its place at the top of the TOP3 metric for consumer and corporate cybersecurity, after achieving a TOP3 place in 77 of 88 different independent tests globally during 2018. The ranking underlines how its portfolio continues to outperform the competition – which included the world’s biggest selling cybersecurity solutions – for a sixth straight year.

The TOP3 rating is an annual assessment of the performance of cybersecurity vendors in a range of the sector’s most demanding independent tests. AV-Test and AV-Comparatives tests dominate the calendar; however, it also includes testing from other respected labs such as such as SE Labs, ICSA Labs and others. Not only did Kaspersky Lab gain a TOP3 placement in 88% of the tests that it entered, but it beat the competition in 73 of them, 32 more than the vendor in second place.

Vendors are ranked according to the protection they provide against known, unknown and advanced threats. As its name suggests, the TOP3 metric recognizes the ranking of the three top companies with the best score across the year. Each vendor receives a score based on the number of top three places it took in independent testing, relative to the number of tests it was involved in.

2018 saw Kaspersky Lab’s detection technologies handle more than 346,000 new malicious files every day, almost five times the 70,000 new files a day that were detected in 2011. In total during 2018, Kaspersky Lab solutions repelled 1,876,998,691 attacks launched from online resources located all over the world.The testing process is rigorous and performed against false positives as well as various types of malware, including advanced threats. All of the labs involved in the tests are recognized for the transparency in their testing and hold a strong position in the industry.

“Time and again across the 88 separate tests our solutions were able to successfully detect and repel a variety of modern-day threats. Our continued ability to outperform the competition and make it to the summit of the TOP3 metric is further testament to the strength of our technologies; enhancing our reputation for providing customers of all sizes with the most reliable and robust cybersecurity protection on the market,” says Timur Biyachuev, VP of Threat Research, Kaspersky Lab.