Cyber and Physical convergence ripe enough for Cybercriminals

Fortinet, today announced the findings of its latest quarterly Global Threat Landscape Report. The research reveals that cybercriminals are constantly evolving the sophistication of their attacks from continuing to exploit the vast insecurity of IoT devices, to morphing open source malware tools into new threats.

The highlights of the report include:

  • Exploit Index All-time High
  • Monitor the Monitoring Devices
  • Tools Open to Anyone
  • The Proliferation of Steganography
  • Adware Infiltration
  • Keeping an Eye on Operational Technology

“The age of Cy-Phy”—the convergence of cybersecurity things and physical spaces—is here”, said Phil Quade, Chief Information Security Officer, Fortinet. “Although the appeal of this convergence to our digital economy is almost sci-fi in terms of imagination, unfortunately the cybersecurity risks are very real. Cybercriminals are closely watching and developing exploits that target this emerging digital convergence. Fundamental elements of cybersecurity, including visibility, automation, and agile segmentation, are more critical than ever to enable us to thrive in our Cy-Phy digital future, and to protect us against the malicious activities of our cyber adversaries.”