Fortinet expands Security Fabric and adds new capabilities for AWS

Fortinet announced the expansion of its Fortinet Security Fabric offerings and new automation capabilities for AWS to provide streamlined and consistent security management for hybrid infrastructures.

“Fortinet is committed to helping customers make their journey to the cloud even more secure by expanding our offerings on Amazon Web Services and supporting additional cloud security use cases,”said John Maddison, SVP of products and solutions at Fortinet. “To further support resource-constrained teams, today’s announcement is helping our customers automate additional security processes and more seamlessly integrate into their application life cycle.”

New offerings are grouped into the following categories:
New Management and Automation Capabilities: Fortinet now facilitates a more streamlined and automated rollout of security services that are designed to be less prone to human error with new automation templates, FortiCASB configuration assessments and web application firewall (WAF) rulesets for Amazon API Gateway.
Containers, AWS Security Hub, and Broad Protection: On top of the existing broad set of Fortinet security offerings on AWS, Fortinet is announcing support for AWS Security Hub. Fortinet now also offers FortiWeb Web Application Firewall in AWS Container Marketplace, enhancing multi-layer security protection at the API level, the VM level and the container level for applications running on AWS.
Native Integration for DevOps Teams: New Fortinet WAF rules for API Gateway, Quick Start guides for initial deployment and support for AWS Transit Gateway help DevOps teams more easily integrate security into their automated application lifecycle routines.
Access to Cloud Offerings Via Partners: Fortinet has been named one of the few vendors selling solutions on the AWS Marketplace to participate in the AWS Consulting Partner Private Offer program. Participation in this program allows Fortinet partners to easily provide AWS customers with best-of-breed Fortinet security solutions for their cloud applications.

The rapid deployment of new applications and introduction of new services on AWS require DevOps and IT teams to integrate security into everything they do as quickly as possible so as not to stifle the pace of innovation. This is no small task that requires both time and resources. To help organizations keep up with this pace, Fortinet is introducing new solutions and more automation in its security offerings on AWS Marketplace.

With new automation templates, FortiCASB configuration assessments, and WAF rulesets on Amazon API Gateway, users who used to have to manually build automation scripts for integrating and configuring security for their applications on AWS can now leverage these automated pre-packaged best practice templates for quick and reliable security visibility.

Fortinet now leverages security intelligence from AWS Security Hub to help customers form a consistent on- and off-cloud security posture view. AWS Security Hub provides users with a comprehensive view of their high-priority security alerts and compliance status by aggregating, organizing, and prioritizing alerts, or findings, from multiple AWS services, such as Amazon GuardDuty, Amazon Inspector, and Amazon Macie as well as from other APN security solutions. The findings are then visually summarized on integrated dashboards with actionable graphs and tables.

“Fortinet continues to show commitment to providing first-rate security solutions for cloud-based deployments. With today’s announcement, Fortinet helps its customers using AWS to integrate into the AWS Security Hub service and provide further protection for Amazon API Gateway.” Dan Plastina, Vice President, Security Services, Amazon Web Services, Inc.