Cybersecurity plays a key role in the future

Global experts and entrepreneurs underlined the need to strengthen cybersecurityand develop strict standards and policies to reduce cyber-attacks and limit their implications on the future environment hosting the Fourth Industrial Revolution (4IR).

Members of the Global Future Council on Cybersecurity, which was convened as part of the third Global Future Councils Annual Meeting, indicated that adopting preventive measures against current and future cyberattacks globally requires increasing cooperation and information sharing among stakeholders and public and private entities. They emphasized that cybersecurity plays a key role in the future, in light of the accelerating technological advancement.

The Council further examined ways to prevent digital crimes and counter illicit online activities. They also tackled the appropriate mechanisms to leverage cybersecurity in maintaining privacy, stability and better protection of data and intellectual property, in a way that serves human interests.

The Global Future Council on Cybersecurity aims to draw a comprehensive view of the implications of cybersecurity across business, industry, innovation, government work and civil society. It shall be designed to explore and develop proactive solutions to the challenging issues that may undermine vital sectors in a bid to further promote the economy, progress and global development. It describes how cybersecurity can serve as a key element in executive and regulatory decision-making and development of new and safe technologies, as well as in instilling the culture of future-oriented innovative thinking.