Carbon Black and Secureworks to expand their partnership

Carbon Black and Secureworks will expand their long-time partnership to enhance customers’ endpoint detection, incident investigation, and remediation outcomes in the cloud by applying Secureworks Red Cloak behavioral analytics to Carbon Black’s unfiltered data collected by the Cb Predictive Security Cloud (PSC) .

Secureworks was the first global managed security service provider (MSSP) to offer a solution with Carbon Black, and the two organizations have since brought advanced endpoint protection and threat intelligence to more than 435 shared customers, accounting for thousands of successful investigations.

A key element to the partnership is Carbon Black’s unfiltered data collected by the Cb Predictive Security Cloud. As the PSC captures and retains unfiltered data (versus competing products, which only capture filtered, “known bad” activity) Secureworks’ expert team will apply its Red Cloak™ behavioral analytics and use that insight to immediately see, and stop, known and unknown attacks targeted at joint customers.

“Security teams are often challenged with having to keep up with the evolving nature of cyberattacks and efficiently responding,” said Victor Baez, Vice President, WW Channels of Carbon Black. “By combining the deep insight of Secureworks Red Cloak behavioral analytics with the unfiltered data of the (PSC), we’ll better equip customers of all sizes – from SMB to Fortune 100 – with a more comprehensive view of threat-actor activity in their environments.”

Secureworks recently announced its decision to decouple its proprietary analytics offering from its endpoint agent to make the company’s high-fidelity detection and threat hunting capabilities available more broadly in the marketplace through the Secureworks Red Cloak Partner Program .

“This expanded partnership between Secureworks and Carbon Black will ensure that clients get more value from their choice of best-in-breed solutions,” said Wendy Thomas, Senior Vice President of Business and Product Strategy at Secureworks. “Our shared clients will see increased benefit from the combined fidelity of Carbon Black and Secureworks analytics, plus better insights from applied intelligence and Secureworks’ experienced analyst teams.” ‎