HackIT 4.0: Exploit Blockchain

The 4th annual HackIT Cybersecurity Forum is coming up on October 8 – 11 and will be held at Parkovy, Park Road, 16 a, Kyiv, Ukraine. HackIT this year is all about bringing white hat hackers and the blockchain community together.

The punch line by the organisers is that HackIT is not a boring vendors exhibition but a meeting ground  leading for industry experts to learn with practical lessons, develop strategic networking and experience effective insights while spending time with an awesome community.

HackIT – is an annual, practical information security related forum where all that’s virtual becomes real. HackIT 2018 is a 2-day forum devoted to Defense and Attack themes; the main topic for 2018 is Blockchain technology. Professionals present their latest research and discuss trends at the forum, hackers can win challenges and show their skills, amateurs can learn various disciplines at trainings, and the media can gather valuable material from primary sources.