ESET will be out in full force at Black Hat

Tony Anscombe

ESET announced that the company will be out in full force at the 2018 edition of Black Hat event in USA on August 8-9 with their malware researchers and product specialists.

ESET’s Security Evangelist Tony Anscombe will be presenting on ‘Malware as the New Weapon of Mass Destruction,’ a term he recently coined to highlight the dangers of massively destructive malware tools. He will be covering wide-ranging issues: U.S. elections, industrial control systems’ power outages and destructive ransomware, to name just a few. Anscombe’s talk is on Thursday, August 9 at 2:30 p.m. PT in Business Hall Theater B.

Also in attendance will be ESET’s Robert Lipovský, the malware researcher that made waves at Black Hat USA 2017 with his team’s discovery of Industroyer, the first known piece of malware to control electricity substation switches and was responsible for knocking out power in the capital of Ukraine. Lipovský will be back to discuss some of his latest cyber-espionage research and will illustrate how strong malware research directly supports ESET’s multi-layered detection technologies, helps train its unique machine-learning algorithms and effectively prevents malware infections such as the global WannaCry epidemic. Lipovský will be presenting at the ESET booth several times a day during the show.

Product experts from ESET will be providing demos at the ESET booth, showcasing its latest enterprise security offerings, and presenting on a number of industry topics throughout each day.

ESET will be present at booth (#928) during the Black Hat and attendees can sign up for a demo or know more about ESET’s presence at the show by clicking here.