Artificial Intelligence: The Next Generation of Cyber Defense

SecurityMEA speaks with Amit Roy, executive vice president and regional head for EMEA at Paladion on the rise of artificial intelligence and the role of AI in cyber defense especially as Paladion sets up its AI driven MDR services in the region.

In your experience, has AI really arrived in cybersecurity space and how do you see the use of AI by cyber criminals regionally or globally?
Consider this: 62% of cyber security experts have predicted the first major AI-driven cyber-attack will occur soon—and another recent study suggests this attack could be 6x more damaging than a human-only attack.

Our only protection from these emerging AI-driven cyber-attacks lies in next-generation AI-driven cyber defense.

Recently Paladion launched its AI-Driven MDR service, can you explain what role does AI play in MDR ?
AI enhances every step of our MDR program. Our AI platform continuously monitors and hunts for both known and unknown threats within our clients’ entire network, it quickly performs a thorough investigation of any detected threats, and automates and orchestrates (with human experts) a near real-time response to remediate threats before a catastrophic breach occurs.

How would you define AI based MDR services market in the region?
The AI based MDR services market is less mature in the region, compared to the global market, but it is rapidly maturing. The UAE as a whole, and Dubai specifically, have committed to creating an AI-driven future, and earlier this year we contributed by launching the first AI-Driven SOC in Dubai.

In your view, why should a CIO/CISO adopt AI-Driven MDR services?
To be candid: they have no choice. They already face hundreds of thousands of potentially malicious assets and thousands of alerts to review daily. AI-Driven MDR offers their only option to process this data, and to remediate breaches fast enough to prevent impact. Traditional human-only security is no longer enough.

How reliable is Paladion’s AI-Driven MDR service for the customers?
This the right question to ask. Today, many vendors make empty claims about providing AI-Driven cybersecurity, just to appear relevant. We don’t make claims. instead, we offer 1) real-world case studies from leading companies, and 2) a fully custom, personalized demo that demonstrates our service’s ability to combat today’s threats.

How can it benefit the regional enterprises?
We offer the region’s first mature AI-Driven MDR services. Our program’s advanced machine learning and security automation capabilities have been recognized by independent advisory firms for its ability to detect unknown (and low-footprint) attack campaigns, reduce time to respond to threats, prioritize vulnerabilities, and advise firms currently suffering a breach.

Our recognized capabilities of faster detection, hunting and response using AI has enabled us to cut down on dwell time from several weeks to just couple of days; such are the real benefits that we offer to the enterprises in the Middle East region. Being the first one in the region to deploy artificial intelligence in MDR services, we are sure to stay ahead of the knowledge curve also to provide even better services as the technology matures.