Paladion focuses on fully integrated AI-Driven MDR Services

At the recently held Gartner Security & Risk Management Summit 2018, Paladion laid the focus on AI driven MDR, as it announced its fully integrated AI-Driven Managed Detection and Response Services that supports security experts for faster, more accurate, more effective threat anticipation, security analytics, and response actions. The new-generation high-speed cyber defense powered by Paladion’s AI.saac platform lets human security experts defend against the increasing volume and diversity of cyber threats.

Rajat Mohanty, CEO at Paladion said, “the vital need to accelerate cyber defense activities and results. He said, “We now live in a world where data breaches are inevitable. The role of cyber defense is to prevent where possible, but otherwise to detect, contain, and recover as fast as possible and with as little damage as possible. AI and human experts working together are the solution.”

Paladion’s fully integrated AI-driven Managed Detection and Response services uses Paladion’s patent pending AI platform AI.saac and its 1,000+ globally located team of human security experts to ensure cyber defense for customers across their entire IT stacks. The unified application of AI on all data defends against blended threats and other modern menaces, protection that older silo-oriented approaches cannot offer.

Today, Paladion’s AI.saac offers the first fully integrated platform to support “left-of-hack-to-right-of-hack” cyber defense services. Services of threat anticipation, threat hunting, and security monitoring (before possible compromise or “left-of-hack”) are all enhanced. So, too are incident analysis, incident response, and breach management (after possible compromise or “right-of-hack”). The AI.saac platform delivers high-speed detection by deploying comprehensive techniques that include supervised, unsupervised, and deep learning, as well as natural language processing (NLP).

“Paladion’s MDR services use the best of both worlds – AI and human expertise – to first anticipate, hunt for, and prevent attacks from breaching customer systems. From there, if a security incident still occurs, Paladion quickly analyzes levels of threat impact and priorities for customers, rapidly responds to attacks affecting customers, and recovers customer systems from the breach— before business suffers,” added Mohanty.

Actions that previously took hours, days or even weeks before, can now be accomplished in minutes or less. AI.saac can sift through billions of terabytes at speeds that other security platforms cannot match.