Kaspersky clocks 1000 MSP partners

In a latest report, Kaspersky Lab claimed that the partner program it launched last year in April targeting managed service providers (MSPs), has been pretty successful and in less one year by February 2018 it was able to reach the mark of 1000 registered partners.

Managed service providers registered in the program have the opportunity to choose between cloud and on-premises endpoint protection, depending on the customer needs: whether it’s a flexibile, quick to roll out and easy to run cloud-based product, or a scalable, fully integrated, tiered endpoint security platform with on-premises management. As the statistics below demonstrate, the second option remains the most popular among MSPs and their customers.

Kaspersky Lab’s offering for MSPs includes products and technologies for mail server protection, virtualization security and endpoint protection. As the program’s first year results demonstrate, protection for endpoints, including managed security, remote monitoring and mobile device management remain the main area of profit for service providers, with Kaspersky Lab’s flagship product, Kaspersky Endpoint Security for Business, holding the leading position (85%) among registered partners.