Juniper enhances Contrail Enterprise Multicloud

Juniper Networks announced the expansion of Contrail Enterprise Multicloud to enable end-to-end policy and control capability for any workload running in physical and virtual environments, any cloud and across multivendor environments.

With Contrail Enterprise Multicloud’s new multidomain orchestration and advanced analytics capabilities, enterprises can now manage and monitor workload policies from a single command center. This means that enterprises leveraging multiple cloud environments—either public, private or both—now have a policy orchestration solution built on a single platform with a single point of control, providing a cohesive multicloud-ready infrastructure.


The Juniper Contrail Enterprise Multicloud integrates both overlay and underlay management into an open platform. Whether an enterprise is looking for device or fabric management, or overlay policy and control, it provides a unified approach to enterprise operations that streamlines workflows and improves end-to-end visibility across bare metal servers, virtual machines and containers, along with network devices.

Juniper has architected Contrail Enterprise Multicloud to support multivendor environments. Based on open interfaces and standard protocols, it can be inserted into diverse networking environments, allowing enterprises to avoid unnecessary vendor lock-in.

Additionally, for the vast majority of enterprises, the multicloud evolution may play out over multiple steps as enterprises adopt and deploy new technology. Enterprises will need to leverage every opportunity to ensure they are simultaneously meeting existing requirements while also becoming multicloud-ready. To help facilitate this progression, along with the technology advancements in Contrail Enterprise Multicloud,

Juniper is delivering a newly unveiled 5-step multicloud migration framework that is intended to provide enterprises with a set of best practices, natural technology insertions and recommended products and services to more easily complete the journey to a secure and automated multicloud.

Juniper is now offering bundles that combine its QFX Series Switches with Contrail Enterprise Multicloud, as well as professional services for implementation. The solution bundles are intended to provide everything an enterprise needs for the top-to-bottom functions of its data center network to connect, orchestrate, secure and see.

“Operating in a multicloud world requires more than just connectivity – it’s about delivering an infrastructure that is invisible to users. As workloads move to the cloud, enterprises require a single, cohesive architecture with end-to-end orchestration and visibility. But achieving this balance is a complex and prolonged process. By leveraging Contrail Enterprise Multicloud as an end-to-end multicloud enabler, enterprises now have one single platform for overlay and underlay management, heterogeneous compute environments, including bare metal servers, virtual machines, containers and networking devices, private and public clouds, orchestration of networking and security policies, and advanced analytics.”  said Bikash Koley, Chief Technology Officer at Juniper Networks.