Qualys will showcase new services during GISEC

Qualys announced the availability of two new free services, CertView and CloudView would provide organizations of all sizes to gain visibility by helping them create a continuous inventory and assessment of their digital certificates, cloud workloads and infrastructure that is integrated into a single-pane view of security and compliance.

As organizations digitally transform, the increased adoption of encrypted machine-to-machine communication and cloud infrastructure creates rapidly changing attack surfaces and new areas of risk. In order to stay ahead of this risk, organizations must automate and centralize visibility and tracking of their global certificate deployments and cloud environments.

“Securing the digital transformation starts with visibility of hybrid IT environments and the ability to react immediately with accuracy to threats on the new attack surface,” said Philippe Courtot, chairman and CEO, Qualys, Inc. “CertView and CloudView bring the power of the Qualys Cloud Platform to global organizations, helping them discover and monitor their digital certificates and create full inventory of their public cloud assets. These are key capabilities that will help both CIOs and CISOs to adopt more proactive approaches to securing critical data during their journey to the cloud.”

CertView helps customers inventory and assess certificates and underlying SSL/TLS configurations and vulnerabilities across external-facing assets to prevent downtime and outages, and to mitigate risks associated with expired or vulnerable SSL/TLS certificates and configurations. It offers certificate discovery,  certificate inventory, TLS Configuration Grades, Continuous Monitoring, Reports and Dashboards.

Customers can extend the power of these same features across their internal certificates by upgrading from Qualys CertView to Qualys Certificate Inventory (CRI) and Assessment (CA) Apps.

CloudView delivers customers topological visibility and insight about the security and compliance posture of their public cloud infrastructure for major providers including Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud. It offers Asset discovery and inventory, complete comprehensive, multi-faceted searches.

CloudView is free for up to three accounts per public cloud platform. Customers can instantly upgrade their subscription by adding Qualys Cloud Inventory (CI) and Cloud Security Assessment (CSA) Cloud Apps, which include continuous security monitoring, insight and threat prioritization, quick identification of incident causes, and comprehensive DevOps protection.