Orange Cyberdefense launches malware cleaner for ‘BadUSB’ threats


Orange Cyberdefense has launched a new mobile decontamination terminal for USB flash drives to tackle growing cyber threats mounted via USB sticks. Orange Cyberdefense’s Mini-terminal Malware Cleaner detects ‘BadUSB’ threats that are undetectable with traditional anti-virus software.

Alexis Richard, Product Manager at Orange Cyberdefense believes that USB flash drives could be a ‘real danger’ for companies unless they are properly secured since USB flash drives are the second most dangerous source of cyber-threats.

Seventy percent of employees use USB flash drives from outside the company and connect them to the company network, and 68 percent take no precautions before inserting them into their work computer.

“USB flash drives are a real danger for IT security within companies. Even if these attacks are more complicated to set up than attacks by e-mail, for example, they are nevertheless to be feared. Introducing USB flash drives into the heart of the company makes it possible to spread malicious code, paralyze machines, destroy sensitive data and even workstations. Ransomware can be installed on an industrial system simply by inserting a USB flash drive, with no need for the user to do anything at all,” added Richard.

Orange Cyberdefense experts and their “ethical hacking” teams developed Malware Cleaner. It simultaneously uses five anti-virus search engines to optimize and combine the extent and performance of detection. These search engines are automatically updated on a daily basis when the terminal is connected to the internet via the network or using 4G.

The Malware Cleaner solution is now available in a “mini-terminal” version.