Demand for managed security services on the rise

Cloud Infrastructure, Managed Hosting and Security Services Provider, eHosting DataFort (eHDF) has announced the growing trend of Managed Security Services (MSS) globally as well as in the Middle East. Few reasons for the increasing demand are the increased levels of Cyber threats, in-house shortage of security skills talent, digital transformation and increased adoption of BYOD due to the progressive increase in the mobile workforce. Simultaneously, organizations are also relying on MSS providers with portfolios that include advanced predictive security intelligence and analysis as well as detection services to manage and mitigate the complex security landscape.

“The frequency and very powerful security threats that organizations are facing are now being recognized and discussed in boardrooms. Focused efforts are going into detailed strategies to build and implement comprehensive security for risk management and protection. The fast-paced developments in cybersecurity also call for specialized skills. Most organizations are unprepared to adapt to this next chapter. As MSS providers, we see increasing number of CIOs contracting these services to reduce the vulnerabilities to attacks as well as enable a quick response to information security breach incidents,” said, Yasser Zeineldin, CEO, eHosting DataFort.

eHDF has also recently added several certifications that illustrate the company’s commitment to providing its customers with the best security services. The Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI-DSS) compliance certification ensures the protection of sensitive cardholder data and also helps customers meet their compliance needs.

“As an MSS provider, we focus on ensuring that our services are positioned to provide advanced threat intelligence and management for larger organizations as well as the growing SMB markets in the Middle East. Our team of skilled professionals and experts are equipped to provide short as well as long term security strategies and we have continued to grow our customer base by meeting their diverse demands. This is supported by the substantial investments we make in updating and upgrading our services with new technologies and services to stay abreast with the dynamic threat environment,” added Zeineldin.

eHDF also recently launched a dedicated Cyber Defense Centre where advanced security intelligence and automations tools are implemented to identify and tackle cybersecurity with higher accuracy and precision. The company’s Managed Security Services portfolio was also expanded this year to include advanced services such as SIEM, Real Time Threat Monitoring (RTTM), Remote Managed Security Services, Advanced Threat Protection (ATP) and Incident Response (IR). This is alongside a larger portfolio of other services which include Cloud, Managed Hosting, Disaster Recovery as well as Managed Services.