DarkMatter unveils KATIM Phone at MWC

DarkMatter launched its flagship smartphone KATIM at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, Spain. The company claims it to be the most secure communication device in the world that is powered by KATIM Secure Communications Application Suite, which allows end-to-end encrypted communication through secure web access.

“Mobile communications is critical for every nation and enterprise. As such, the mobile device and applications have become a key target for hackers,” commented Faisal Al Bannai, Founder and CEO at DarkMatter.

According to DarkMatter, the complete end-to-end 256-bit cryptographic encryption includes body, subject, priority flag in transit and also remain encrypted while at rest. With its user-friendly interface, email communications remain safe and encrypted from third-parties.

The four elements of KATIM’s secure communications suite include KATIM Phone, KATIM OS, KATIM Secure Communications Application Suite and KATIM Cyber Command Centre.

The Phone is designed to protect against modern mobile security threats, preventing malware and leaks of sensitive data, by separating secure communications and data from the outside world with a safe wall. The SHIELD MODE allows the phone to securely cut off recording functions.

Other key features of the phone include hardened Android OS, elegant and ultra-rigid aerospace-grade, anodised 7000-series, aluminium alloy, unibody with a beautiful satin finish. It has a toughened Corning Gorilla Glass 5 screen with diamond like carbon coating, which remains clear, responsive and scratch free.

“KATIM allows users who require the highest level of security to communicate with confidence that their data and voice transmissions are uncompromised. With thousands of units in production today, KATIM has quickly become the business critical communication system for users. Overall demand for KATIM has grown rapidly over the past twelve months with increased interest globally.” concludes Al Bannai.