Dimension Data deploys Cisco Umbrella for its security

Dimension Data announced that it has deployed Cisco Umbrella, the industry’s first Secure Internet Gateway (SIG) in the cloud to extend the company’s protection from ransomware, phishing attacks, bot networks, and all types of malicious software. According to Cisco, The Cisco Umbrella is a cloud security platform that provides the first line of defense against threats on the internet.

“Today, the average user utilises four devices per day, and this is predicted to increase to five connected devices in the next four years. As more enterprises look to harness the benefits of a mobile workforce that leverages cloud platforms, there’s a greater need to implement appropriate measures to secure data, infrastructures, applications and users, regardless of where they connect to the internet, and even if they’re off the VPN. That’s why we adopted Cisco Umbrella into our own cybersecurity strategy.” said Darren O’Loughlin, Group Chief Security Officer at Dimension Data.

The decision to incorporate Cisco Umbrella follows the company’s firsthand experience protecting its own 28,000 employees and addresses its clients’ requirement to support an increasingly mobile workforce.

Matthew Gyde, Group Executive – Security at Dimension Data said “While the mobile Endpoint is a potential game changer for businesses, it exposes mobile workers to security risks and vulnerabilities. Mobile users may not have the same level of security as within the office perimeter, and are more vulnerable to cyberattacks. With Cisco Umbrella, threats beyond the network perimeter can be blocked.”