Expo 2020 fuels demand for CCTV

Ahead of the World Government Summit, a report from 6WResearch claimed that the Expo 2020 Dubai will fuel demand for CCTV and video surveillance market in UAE and the market could touch USD 194 billion by 2023.

During the World Government Summit, global leaders will exchange best practices in using technology to enhance public safety. The UAE is set to take center stage, with local and federal safety regulations leading to tens of thousands of CCTV cameras blanketing the country, from grocery stores to office parks and mega-projects.

Commenting on the readiness, IT consultancy and solutions provider Condo Protego said, “It is easy for organizations to underestimate the resources required to store and manage CCTV, by not thoroughly considering the cost of retaining this essentially huge volume of fast growing data, in a tamper-proof manner.”

“While mega-projects like Expo 2020 Dubai integrate CCTV infrastructure throughout their physical sites, this is not the norm for the average building. Storefronts, malls, community centers, and office buildings grow and change, and new owners may prefer different CCTV systems,” said Andrew Calthorpe, CEO at Condo Protego. “UAE CIOs need quick time to value in deploying CCTV, in order to meet government compliance regulations and enhance crime prevention. Information management and storage systems ensure that organizations can securely keep the video surveillance data according to government regulations.”