Trend Micro enhances cloud security

Trend Micro became one of the first companies for Enterprise Contracts for AWS Marketplace. The Enterprise Contracts for AWS Marketplace defines a set of standardised contract terms across multiple software vendors to simplify and speed procurement.

Kevin Simzer, EVP at Trend Micro

“We are proud to provide an extra layer of protection to the innovative applications that AWS builders are deploying on the cloud,” said Kevin Simzer, EVP at Trend Micro. “Our collaboration with AWS allows us to deliver scalable security that removes friction from procurement, devops lifecycle and day-to-day operations.”

Through cooperation with AWS, Trend Micro expects to deliver application protection rules as part of the new AWS WAF Managed Rules Partner Program, and a new integration with Amazon GuardDuty. This brings proven vulnerability research and protection to better secure applications and data deployed on the cloud.

Cloud workload automation is necessary to make data management scalable across enterprise ecosystems. Trend Micro’s integration with Amazon GuardDuty allows users to take advantage of the security findings from Amazon GuardDuty to make even smarter decisions with their Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (Amazon EC2) and Amazon EC2 Container Service (Amazon ECS) workloads. This automated workflow increases visibility and reduces the operational overhead, saving builders time.

“AWS Marketplace is simplifying the enterprise software procurement experience to accelerate customer innovation,” said Dave McCann, Vice President of AWS Marketplace and Catalog Services, Amazon Web Services, Inc. “Trend Micro is a valued AWS Marketplace seller that embraces customer feedback to drive their innovation in product and business models. We are delighted to have them as one of the first companies for Enterprise Contract for AWS Marketplace.”