Attivo Networks extends its reach in Africa

Attivo Networks entered into a distribution partnership with Networks Unlimited to expand its reach across the South and Sub-Saharan region.

With Attivo in its portfolio, the distributor will be now able to provide its customers with the opportunity to leverage the best breed of deception technology as an additional layer of security to its critical infrastructure.

Ray Kafity, Vice President, Middle East, Turkey and Africa at Attivo Networks said, “With the onset of widespread use of internet-enabled devices, it is time for each and every organisation to completely reset and redefine their security posture by embracing technologies and solutions that act as an offensive measure to gain the upper hand against the modern-day human attacker.”

Kafty further added, “Hence, we are extremely glad to partner with Networks Unlimited and expand our deployments in South and Sub-Saharan Africa to help organisations efficiently deceive and captivate the most sophisticated of attackers.”

In a statement, the security vendor stated that Attivo Networks continues to spearhead groundbreaking deception technology advancements that restore offensive advantage back into the hands of the security team in an organisation.

Anton Jacobsz

Commenting on the recent tie-up, the Managing Director for Networks Unlimited, Anton Jacobsz said, “As a value-added distributor, it is our core responsibility to offer advanced solutions that effectively address the length and breadth of our customers’ ever-evolving security concerns. Deception technology is a unique and modern approach that solves the problems organisations are facing in the current cyber climate.”

“These platforms offer the capability to exercise deception-based detection throughout every layer of the network stack, enabling efficient detection for every threat vector. Utilising high-interaction decoys and lures and deception solutions effectively deceive attackers into revealing themselves, thereby closing the detection deficit,” said Jacobsz.