Nuvias to offer insider threat solutions

With the market for insider threat solutions growing at a brisk pace, Nuvias partnered with the leading insider threat solutions provider, Dtex Systems as the sole pan-EMEA distributor with an eye to establish Dtex solutions across the EMEA region.

Ian Kilpatrick, EVP Cyber Security at Nuvias Group

Nuvias to offer full range of Dtex’s monitoring solutions, which provide visibility and intelligence around user behaviour, gathering information from the endpoint. Dtex solutions use proprietary metadata for analysis, matching user workflows to known risks, as well as utilising behavioural learning. This highlights and provides forensic-level, end-to-end workflows to identify users with malicious intent and those who accidentally expose data.

Ian Kilpatrick, EVP Cyber Security at Nuvias Group, said: “We are seeing companies become ever more interested in security, thanks to continuing publicity on data breaches and compliance issues such as GDPR. Insider threats from malicious behaviour and bad cyber hygiene have traditionally been underrated but have always been a key element in the level of risk that companies face.

Christy Wyatt, CEO at Dtex Systems

Visibility at the endpoint is critical to solving insider threats and this is Dtex’s focus, unlike many other insider threat solutions which concentrate on the network. Dtex can provide a high level of visibility and intelligence around what users are doing as well as proactively highlighting any potential risks before they take place. The market is ripe for this type of solution with recent data breaches drawing increased attention to the need for good cyber hygiene and internal monitoring within organisations.”

Christy Wyatt, CEO at Dtex Systems said, “With Insider Threat representing more than half of all known breaches, enterprise customers today need strong analytics solutions and experienced security partners. Nuvias’ experience in the security space makes them an ideal partner for Dtex and enterprise customers.”