Symantec Sells its Certificate Business to DigiCert

Symantec announced the sale of its website security business including SSL/TLS and related PKI solutions business to DigiCert for USD 950 million. Also the security vendor will pick up 30% stake in DigiCert.

DigiCert expects these added capabilities will help them accelerate their efforts to simplify SSL/TLS and related PKI solutions to meet its customers’ web and IoT security needs. The new move will also bring together the industry’s top talent and provide customers with an enhanced technology platform, unparalleled customer support and market-leading innovations.

“We look forward to building a great security company and supporting all of Symantec’s and DigiCert’s customers well into the future. We have assembled the best team in the industry to help us deliver even better security solutions and service to our customers,” said John Merrill, CEO at DigiCert.

DigiCert will continue to be led by John Merrill and an executive team with significant industry experience. Given the shared commitment to customer service, existing Symantec Website Security customers will be able to transition to a new platform that meets all industry standards and browser requirements and provides the foundation for future innovation in the Certificate Authority space for the benefit of customers.

“Transitioning our Website Security and related PKI solutions to DigiCert allows us to sharpen our enterprise focus on delivering unparalleled protection for the cloud generation through Symantec’s Integrated Cyber Defense Platform. As our recently announced deals with Fireglass and Skycure demonstrate, we are accelerating the pace of innovation we bring to market through a combination of acquisitions as well as development from the ground up,” said Greg Clark, CEO at Symantec.