Attivo Networks Joins Forces With Spectrami

Attivo Networks has announced a strategic distribution partnership with Spectrami. With a comprehensive portfolio of niche technologies and solutions covering Information Security, Data Centre Infrastructure, Data Communication Networks and Storage Management, Spectrami is one of the fastest-growing value added distributors based in the UAE and the United Kingdom to serve the channel across EMEA with local presence in GCC, UK, Germany, Austria and Netherlands.

With the addition of Attivo to its portfolio, Spectrami will allow companies to take advantage of a reliable and proven to be the best line of defense that offers effective prevention and detection capabilities. With the dramatic increase in breaches, the need for detecting inside-the-network threats that have bypassed perimeter security has grown swiftly.

In response, Attivo’s innovative approach to cyber threat detection provides a comprehensive deception platform that provides accurate, early threat detection and accelerated cyber incident response to attacks such as inside-the-network BOTs and advanced persistent threats (APTs) that have side-stepped all other prevention systems. Traditional threat detection solutions monitor network traffic and look for suspicious attack behavior based on known signature patterns.

Taking a different approach, Attivo provides a non-disruptive, scalable solution that efficiently detects the presence of attackers, identifies their intent and provides intelligence to stop the attack. The deception platform includes a wide variety of deception techniques, decoys, and engagement servers, and is designed for user networks, large data centers, VMware and Amazon Web Services (AWS) cloud and specialty environments such as Industrial Control System ICS-SCADA, Point-of-Sale (POS), Internet-of-Things (IOT) and medical device networks.

“With cyberattacks growing in size and frequency, organizations across the region are facing imminent danger. Keeping this in mind, an increasing number of organizations are inclined to include advanced deception technology within their infrastructure. Therefore, we are delighted with our partnership with Attivo Networks, as it not only complements our existing portfolio, but its unique deception platform opens up several opportunities for us,” said Anand Choudha, Managing Director at Spectrami.

“With its strong leadership in the emerging space of deception solutions, Attivo Networks is a welcome addition to our security portfolio,” stated Anas Handous, Director, Global Alliances at Spectrami. Through this EMEA partnership, we look forward to provide organizations with a choice of highly effective and game changing deception-based solutions, offering next level security against advanced cyber threats.”

“Targeted cyberattacks are increasing at an alarming rate making it clear that a new approach to cybersecurity is required”, said Ray Kafity, Vice President, Middle East, Turkey and Africa, at Attivo Networks. “As organizations in the EMEA region make substantial efforts to strengthen their security posture, we are extremely pleased to partner with Spectrami. With Spectrami’s expertise and steadfast delivery of security solutions across multiple markets and industries, we aim to help organizations close security gaps and develop a critical line of defense for detecting and responding to cyber attackers.”