SonicWall setting new milestones of success

SonicWall set the milestone by shipping its three millionth firewall besides surpassing its own financial and operational metrics set across sales, partner engagement and support.

“In fewer than eight months, SonicWall has already exceeded the ambitious financial and operational metrics established for the business. We believed in this investment from day one, and we are confident this is only the first chapter of SonicWall’s success story. Cybersecurity professionals are increasingly addressing new cyber threats, like WannaCry, by deploying a record number of SonicWall products and services. We have the right management, the right channel partners, the right technology and the right services so businesses can run more effectively and fear less.” said Bill Conner, President and CEO at SonicWall.

In a statement, the company reported that this momentum has positioned SonicWall to receive key industry awards and recognition from partners that set it apart as a cybersecurity leader. Since becoming an independent company, SonicWall has earned 19 awards for its business and leadership.