Beyond Security now available at AWS Marketplace

Automated security testing and vulnerability management solution provider, Beyond Security today announced the availability of their Automated Vulnerability Detection System (AVDS) in AWS Marketplace to scan, audit, monitor and manage software vulnerabilities on all their Amazon Machine Images (AMI).

The work between AWS and Beyond Security will provide added security through unmatched vulnerability, configuration and compliance audit for myriad of customers looking to build, operate or maintain their applications on the AWS Cloud.

“We’re excited to join AWS Marketplace; our customers can build secure solutions on AWS and continue to expand their cloud presence. Available now as a Virtual Scanner Appliance in AWS Marketplace, Beyond Security users can roll out new AVDS AMI instances under the company’s BYOL (Bring Your Own License) model. Since AVDS is available in AWS Marketplace as a pre-built virtual appliance, users can deploy new instances quickly, securely and easily. Once AWS customers purchase AVDS directly from Beyond Security or a certified partner, the customers will automatically receive an activation code to register and use the AVDS vulnerability scanner” said Hamid Karimi, Vice President, Business Development and OEM at Beyond Security.

AWS Shared Responsibility Model guarantees that the underlying cloud infrastructure is secure, reliable and flexible; while customers take responsibility for the security of their own AMI virtual appliance (guest OS and application). Beyond Security’s AVDS vulnerability management platform provides these customers with the ability to efficiently enhance the security posture of the AMI virtual appliance throughout the software development, staging and production lifecycle.

The scan data is securely transmitted and analyzed by Beyond Security’s management console so that customers can access the information on-demand whether IT applications are hosted on-premises or on the AWS Cloud.

“AVDS is the most automated and accurate vulnerability management solution in the industry today,” said Aviram Jenik, CEO at Beyond Security. “Through Beyond Security’s agreement with AWS users can take advantage of a cohesive and hardened configuration and vulnerability management solution across both cloud and on-premises environments.”