ConsenSys launches biggest blockchain challenge

ConsenSys, the blockchain specialist firm launched ConsenSys Academy by announcing the biggest blockchain challenge that will be open to both professionals and student developers worldwide,

The ConsenSys Academy’s 2017 Challenge will help prepare blockchain developers for one of the fastest growing fields in technology, and provide them the opportunity to work full-time on applications that are disrupting industries across the globe with its real-world solutions.

ConsenSys is focused primarily on Ethereum building dApps, developer tools, and enterprise solutions. Applicants who pass the Coding Test Screen will be admitted to ConsenSys Academy’s all-expenses paid 10-week training program. The program, held from August 1st through October 8th, starts with nine weeks of immersive online courses. The curriculum will give its enrollees access to:

Hands-on coding experience working on live projects for ConsenSys’s leading clients
Mentorship from thought leaders and foremost experts in the blockchain space
Collaborative experiences with other blockchain enthusiasts.

At the end of the online portion of the course, participants will be flown to Dubai in UAE for a final round of on-site finals followed by a graduation ceremony hosted by the Dubai Future Foundation. In Dubai, students will get the exclusive opportunity to work side by side with leading ConsenSys developers on real-life projects.

Those who complete the 2017 Challenge will receive ConsenSys-certified graduation certificate, but will also be considered by ConsenSys’ to join their team. The challenge is open for participation and the final date for submitting applications is July 1st 2017. Interested candidates can visit for more information.