Help AG to fight against malware and phishing

Help AG join hands with Menlo Security to fight the constant threat of web-based malware and phishing

Businesses in the region are facing constant threat of web-based malware and to combat this challenge without impacting the end-user experience, Help AG has entered into an partnership with Menlo Security to provide consulting, implementation and support services for Menlo’s Security Isolation Platform (MSIP).

Security experts at Help AG has achieved full certification by the vendor and itself with comprehensive technical and sales skills to deploy MSIP, either via the public or private cloud, in conjunction with existing Web Security gateways, next generation firewalls, network sandboxes or other security systems. The company will also provide 24×7 support services via phone, email and web as well as onsite services around the clock with a 2-hour response time within the UAE.

An overwhelming majority of cyber-attacks- some 90 percent or more- occur when compromised/malicious websites deliver malware to devices through email, web links or other downloads. “Web threats are getting more sophisticated and effective in evading detection, leaving businesses highly vulnerable to malware which can disrupt business and entail heavy financial losses. Traditional security technologies that are based on detecting and blocking malicious content are unable to offer sufficient protection,” explained Stephan Berner, CEO at Help AG.

Unlike current prevention systems that attempt to distinguish “good” content from “bad” content, MSIP takes a unique approach by executing all Web content in a public or private cloud. Through this isolated execution, it allows users to interact with websites, links and online documents without coming into contact with malicious code. Only malware-free rendering information is sent to the native browser on the user’s endpoint. Furthermore, as MSIP requires no client software or plug-ins, users can enjoy a seamless and transparent experience with no perceivable latency.

Amir Ben-Efraim, CEO at Menlo Security said, “We are delighted to welcome Help AG as a valued partner in the Middle East due to their technical expertise in delivering cyber security solutions. As a newly certified Menlo Security partner, Help AG has demonstrated an in-depth knowledge of isolation technology in the fight against malware and phishing, and we look forward to helping our mutual customers.”