Data security through digital accounting reports

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Vikas Panchal, Business Head at Tally Solutions in the Middle East, a leading international accounting, inventory and compliance software provider explains how accounting reports generated through business management software ensure data integrity and security.

One of the fundamentals of an efficient business operation is maintaining accurate accounting records that adhere to the company’s guidelines & procedures and the country’s rules and policies. Proper recording and management of these records provides the business owner with the right information concerning the current financial health of the business, allowing decision-makers to strategize and take confident decisions to set the growth objectives.

Technology is playing a pivotal role in assisting entrepreneurs transform the way they operate their daily business operations from account management to inventory management and compliance. Today, the way accounting records are gathered, kept, and maintained has been simplified enabling easier and faster access to data. Digital transformation has taken automated accounting processes to the next level, subsequently enhancing business operations and increasing productivity.

Moreover, the digital accounting reports made available through efficient business management software, containing financial and accounting details, can be easily retrieved and analysed, making it quicker for different departments to connect and collaborate. These details included in the reports are an accurate and reliable representation of an organisation’s financial performance in real-time.
In fact, reports generated through business management software ensure data integrity and security. In addition, a high level of transparency, consistency and accuracy can also be maintained through automation.

How can security be maintained?
There can be instances of unauthorised access to data which can impact the business negatively. Automated solutions help prevent such costly incidents that could lead to a leak of confidential information and other harmful consequences such as damage to the business organisation’s reputation. Only a select few employees can be given access to sensitive company information to prevent any possibility of hacking or stealing. At the onset, the company can identify which roles are allowed to open and modify restricted files and why.

With central security features in place, especially in terms of limiting data access to authorised personnel only, the automated accounting software contributes to the overall privacy and security of the business. Moreover, the reports produced by automated accounting solutions minimise human errors, thus helping ensure that the facts and figures presented are correct and precise with no last-minute changes or accidental data modifications.

Digital reports are without a doubt considered more accurate than the reports produced via manual accounting processes. Not only that, it contributes to the protection of data from errors and leakages. The management becomes more confident when taking critical business decisions based on data whose integrity and accuracy are firmly established. With these benefits and more, especially in terms of data security, shifting to modern solutions in this day and age have become more imperative than ever before.


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